City of Penrith RSL sub‑Branch


RSL NSW and sub-Branches organise and deliver the major commemorative events across New South Wales to honour the service and sacrifice of Australian service men and women. The most well-known of these take place on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, and are complemented by commemorations throughout the year to remember particular segments of those who have served. Through these commemorative activities, we remember and respect those who have served and sacrificed for Australia.


For more than 100 years the Returned and Services League has provided a continuation of the unique camaraderie and mateship that people find during service in the Australian Defence Force. Through our network of more than 340 sub-Branches and chapters we bring together over 27,000 members who have served from a variety of backgrounds and contexts in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. This mateship among ex-Defence personnel is at the heart of what RSL NSW is and is highly valued by our members and the veteran community.


Meeting the needs of veterans and their families has been central to the RSL’s mission since its inception. Today we provide support through our network of sub-Branches, as well as through our partner charities, RSL LifeCare which includes RSL DefenceCare.

sub-Branches As the local presence of services and support in New South Wales communities, sub-Branches exist to be of service to veterans and their families. In addition to the face-to-face support and mateship they can offer, sub-Branches can inform and connect veterans and families to the range services available to them.


Executive Meeting


10:30-12:00 Meeting Room

FWMDC – Fairfield


18:00 -20:00

General Meeting


18:00 -19:00 Macquarie Room then Star Buffet

A brief history of Memory Park War Memorial

In 2004 the Sub-Branch raised a committee to oversee the redevelopment of the Memory Park Memorial. The new Memorial was designed and built by local sculptor Terrence Plowright. The work commenced in early 2007, and was completed in late 2008. The dedication of the redeveloped War Memorial was by Her Excellency

Memorabilia Display 

The Memorial Display is located to the right at the top of the escalators inside the Penrith RSL Club’s entrance.

We welcome all to come visit!


City of Penrith RSL sub‑Branch
City of Penrith RSL sub-Branch
City of Penrith RSL sub-Branch2 weeks ago
Penrith RSL Pipes and Drums President Tim Badger said before joining the group he used to be able to fit his musical experience in his little finger.
City of Penrith RSL sub-Branch
City of Penrith RSL sub-Branch4 weeks ago
Happy Mothers Day!
City of Penrith RSL sub-Branch
City of Penrith RSL sub-Branch4 weeks ago
Members Notice:

The 2023 AGM was conducted at the Penrith RSL Club on 19 Mar 23 and we are very happy to advise the new Sub Branch Committee. The 2023 crew is a great new team of willing and able volunteers lead abley by Jeff Townsend.

We sincerely congratulate the previous team including Brian Cartwright - President. They should be praised for all of their hard work, during their tenure. Their collective commitment and professionalism has set up the Sub Branch very well for the future. Thanks!
City of Penrith RSL sub-Branch
City of Penrith RSL sub-Branch3 months ago
Reminder to Members. Our AGM is being held on Sunday the 19th March. If you (and your +1) are attending the lunch following the meeting, you need to RSVP for catering purposes. Please contact the sub-Branch by Mon 13th March to confirm your attendance. No RSVP, no lunch. Thank you.

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